Underground Warning Tapes - Detectable & Non-Detectable

Underground Non-Detectable marking tape identifies and protects buried utility lines and act as stop signs to prevent accidental dig-ins. This tape meets or exceeds all industry standards. The tape is made of solid color, organic polyethylene film that utilizes big, bold, black lettering.

Non-Detectable warning tape provides for easy below ground marking, identification, warning and protection of delicate utility infrastructure.

Underground Detectable Warning tape used in construction zones for alerting excavation crews about hazards, underground cables, as well as provides easy buried pipeline detection and other types of warnings through printed messages on a roll. Detectable plastic tapes stand resistant to alkalies, acids, corrosion, and other soil components. The tape can be located below ground with a non-ferrous metal detector, when buried at the proper depths. This tape helps avoid catastrophically inaccurate digging when locating utilities such as electrical lines, gas pipes and communication cables.