Structured Cabling

The performance of your structured cabling is without question one of the most critical aspects of your network, if not your entire IT infrastructure. Structured cabling must be designed, engineered, and installed by an experienced systems specialist . An incorrect design and cabling choice will impact the performance of the entire network.


Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions

Enterprise-level connections use slightly different protocols and management methods than consumer networks, and the equipment is able to support larger loads without suffering from dropped signals or tapering off into dead zones. We associate with reliable vendors to choose the right products as per the customer requirements

IT Optimization & Performance Improvement

Our capability to provide a cost-effective design (either new or revamping current one) for your IT infrastructure focusing on business priorities, Architecture, operating model, which will enhance the performance.

Managed wifi Services

A managed WLAN solution comprises from designing, engineering and installing the wireless systems to managing the entire network and provide a safe, fast connectivity to a growing number of diverse devices. Whether you require a single access point or a large network spread over multiple locations, connectivity is important for critical business and we provide usage details & location analytics.

Servers & Storage Solutions

Organizations and users require data storage to meet today’s high level computational needs. Whatever the size of your organisation, your data deserves the best enterprise storage and we provide at a competitive price.

Data Center services & solutions

With businesses increasingly dependent on the internet, data centres are a vital component of the global economy. As a pioneer in innovative technologies such as wideband multimode fiber and AIM, along with our expertise in single mode fiber connectivity, we’re already looking ahead to smarter, faster and more economical solutions that not just solve your challenges today but offer a clear migration path in the future. We also offer raised flooring, Lighting solutions etc.

IT Cybersecurity

We combine technology and expertise for the best security posture. We deliver a complete suite of detection, protection, and response capabilities with Network, Endpoint, and Email& Cloud security solutions. Our security consultancy helps cyber security effectiveness.

AMC & Technical Outsourcing Services

Dedicated team of IT experts take care of smooth functioning of all your resources, from data centres to networks, from servers to storage, from desktops to connectivity. We can offer support remotely and on site, if there is a breakdown of any sorts with IT infrastructure.

Security & Surveillance Solutions

The security and surveillance industry is changing, and solutions have moved far past basic alarm monitoring. Live video surveillance and other remote security features have increased visibility for organizations that want to safeguard their people, assets, and buildings. At Exinova we are helping to create safer cities, homes, and businesses by enabling organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart security and surveillance solutions.

Audio & Video Solutions

We specialize in providing variety of home & commercial solutions, IP telephony, PA systems, entertainment systems, smart home, digital signage, SMATV, IP TV to our customers.

Asset Tracking & Performance Monitoring

Tracking defunct assets, identifying faulty equipment, traffic management and preventing wastage through-out cities has for years been done manually using periodic audits. With emerging technologies in IoT. An ultra-low cost solution for tracking assets including performance monitoring in different industries like construction, Agriculture, shipping, oil & gas, can be developed using these latest technologies.

BMS & Lighting Solutions

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.