Cable Laying Products and Accessories

Duct rods are used for running cable draw ropes into ducts or along cable support structures. The high-quality glass fibre conduit duct rods can also be used for directly installing small power or data cables. Duct rods provide a strong, lightweight, labor saving solution for installing cables into ducts or pipes with or without draw ropes – various length conduit rods are available. Conduit rods are used in pipe and cable pulling operations to assist in the installation of draw ropes, cables and winch wires – conduit duct rods can also be used as part of a CCTV or pipe cleaning system. Each are supplied with free-standing frame for easy handling, site mobility and ground stability.

Mandrel and Wire Brush Mandrel:

Duct Mandrels are necessary devices for performing duct integrity test procedure in buried telecom ducts prior blowing or installation of optical fiber cables.
Duct integrity / Proving mandrel are pulled through the duct to prove joint integrity and test duct integrity for round duct, conduit or interdict used in telecom, gas & water networks.
WIRE BRUSH MANDREL with Steel bristles are used for cleaning conduit of sand, rocks, grit and other light obstructions.